How To Not To Be Shy And Quiet

How To Not To Be Shy And Quiet

10. Change thinking

Another significant step in overcoming your shyness is to change your way of thinking I know easier said than done, but believe it or not, doing this is possible. If you’re sitting at home anxious about going out and meeting people, thinking up all the scenarios in which something could go wrong. Well, that’s not going to help you conquer anything. So the first thing to do is stop assuming that there will be a negative outcome whenever an unfavorable thought creeps into your mind. Do your best to shoo it out immediately.

Don’t let it sit there and fester, making you more frightened and nervous by the second. Try to replace it with something positive. Tell yourself tonight I’m going to meet new people and have interesting conversations. I won’t let my shyness prevent me from becoming a part of the group. Although you might find it silly to assure yourself of these things when you repeat it over and over again in your mind or even out loud, it will have a lasting effect on your outlook. You’ll begin imagining fun and productive interactions and will be more likely to pursue them.

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