How To Not To Be Shy And Quiet

How To Not To Be Shy And Quiet

8. Don’t announce

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind while trying to conquer your timid tendencies is not to announce to anyone that you are indeed shy. This might seem funny to some people because they wouldn’t just come out and tell everyone that they struggle with this. However, it is an easy thing to fall back on when you’re presented with a social encounter that you aren’t prepared to handle. For instance, let’s say you’re in the midst of interaction, and somebody calls out the fact that you’re blushing.

Don’t admit that you’re a shy person. Instead, say something like, Yeah, I blush really easily and brush off the comment. If someone notes that you aren’t talking very much, don’t tell them it’s due to your bashfulness state. Something like what you were saying was so interesting. I didn’t think I could top it. Don’t allow others to point out your quietness, bring you down or make you feel uncomfortable. Let’s face it, shy people have experienced this already, and it’s sure to happen again. So do your best to stay calm and collected and turn negative comments into beneficial opportunities.

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