World's Biggest Luxury Fashion Brands

World’s Biggest Luxury Fashion Brands

8. Tiffany and Company

Also known as Tiffany, is simply Tiffany. This company is known for its top-notch jewelry that comes in signature light blue boxes. Tiffany was founded in 1837 by John B. Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany in Brooklyn. They opened their first store in 1838 in Lower Manhattan, which sold various stationery and fancy goods and was going by the name Tiffany Young and Ellis. It wasn’t until 1853 that the brand was renamed Tiffany and Co. These partners were in the business of making revolutionary pieces.

They’re even credited with creating engagement rings how we know them today. They redesigned it to show off the diamonds by lifting them off the band. They also purchased crown jewels from Spain and France, one of which is thought to have belonged to Marie Antoinette. Tiffany’s main store was opened in 1940 on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and has been in several movies, including Sweet Home Alabama and, of course, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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