World's Biggest Luxury Fashion Brands

World’s Biggest Luxury Fashion Brands

7. Burberry

This London-based luxury fashion brand is most widely known for its trench coats, which evolved from the company’s 1912 tie-locking coat that was designed by Thomas Burberry long before the coats became a prominent Burberry product. He invented the gabardine in 1879. This new fabric was waterproof and breathable and truly transformed the clothes people wore in the rain. In 1888, gabardine was patented throughout the 1970s and 80s. Burberry grew to international prominence after signing contracts with numerous manufacturers and selling products in retail stores all over the world.

Despite Burberry’s success, they’ve dealt with some backlash throughout the years. In 2018, reports came out that Burberry burned their unsold products to stop them from being sold at discounted prices or stolen. Greenpeace called them out immediately, but Burberry said that they captured the carbon dioxide from the burning clothes, claiming the practice was environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, the brand stopped burning clothes right away. They also announced that they’d stop using real fur.

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