World's Biggest Luxury Fashion Brands

World’s Biggest Luxury Fashion Brands

1. Gucci

This company was founded by none other than Giorgio Gucci and 1921 in Florence, Italy. It became one of the most successful leather goods manufacturers when it was younger. Gucci worked in Paris and London in hotels. He got the idea for his business after seeing the lavish luggage he would bring to the Savoy Hotel with them as he and his sons expanded Gucci. Their store sold finely crafted leather shoes, handbags and loafers. Plus, they sold knitwear and silks when Italy was under a dictatorship in 1940. It was increasingly hard to come by leather, so they experimented with other fabrics.

The company came out with the bamboo bag, which is still popular today, although Gucci has obviously grown into an incredibly prosperous luxury brand. There was a time during the early 1990s when it nearly went bankrupt. New accessories weren’t making money, and they faced a three-year-long downfall when scandals concerning Gucci came out. But when Tom Ford moved to Milan to work for Gucci? Things turned around. He went from designing woman’s clothes to menswear and under half a year. And then he started designing shoes. Ford ended up taking over fragrances, advertising, store design and numerous other responsibilities as well and was promoted to creative director in 1994. Between 1995 and 1996, Gucci sales increased by an impressive 90 percent, and Gucci was worth $4 billion by 1999. Nowadays, Gucci is the top most selling Italian brand.

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